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Maureen "Moe" McBride


When I uploaded my profile to an online dating service over a decade ago, I had complete confidence that my future life partner and I would “exchange the value of radically improving the quality of one another’s lives.” I wanted the whole enchilada: A body, mind, and soulmate, for passion, connection, and romance, complete with sustainable, renewable, sexual energy.  After a lovely courtship my soon to be husband, we agreed that we could co-create a relationship that has in fact, radically improved our lives. (AND did I mention? When I set up that profile I knew we both needed to be entrepreneurs. Here we are 10 years later living as partners in life and business!)

As a foundation for our commitment to our new marriage my husband Rich Russakoff and I became study partners on a journey like no other. When we find ourselves in conflict, we have an entire toolbox full of insights and practices we can utilize to shift out of drama, and back into the present moment, rekindling our connection.  

Enter Rekindle.

Living without fear.

Loving without limits.

The picture you see here is from “Gates of Heaven” in Bali, Indonesia. Some have arrived at the Gates of Heaven full of expectations, followed by cynical disappointment upon discovering that this picture “was not even real.” (Images like this are shot using an angle and a gimmick to create a glorious illusion). We look to our relationships for connection and yet there is no arena that is more fraught with illusions, unspoken expectations, and unwritten rules.

Rekindle offers a playbook that supports all parties in being heard, understood, respected, and respectful.

Rekindle For Couples

In our modern world of changing roles, our most important relationships are more challenging than ever. 

In this workshop, we share a revolutionary playbook that addresses the needs that men and women bring into relationshipsNo thought leader in the relationship space/personal growth space today is offering this revolutionary playbook.

You will learn:

  • How feelings, needs, and values create the undercurrent of your conversation
  • How the roles we learned as we were growing up limit our connection
  • The importance of empathy vs sympathy
  • The simple 3-step process that allows for drama-free conversations
  • What 100% responsibility means in a healthy relationship
  • The ATM system for emotional wealth
  • How unspoken expectations about unwritten rules kill connection
  • How to play with the stories from our past- rather than “work” on our issues
  • How to ensure that your family home is a haven, not a battleground
  • How to graduate from Genghis to Gandhi as your fundamental personal operating system

Rekindle at Work

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of blaming others and seeing ourselves as the victim.

In all too many professional and family relationships, there is a dysfunctional rush that comes from playing The Blame Game with each player insisting that they are the victim. 

Instead, you can engage in life with a greater spirit of ease and playfulness.

This program can be a game-changer as you learn:

  • Tools to shift from drama and blame to creativity and collaboration
  • How to understand our persona that fuel fear and anxiety
  • How to shift from victim to creator
  • How to transform fear into an essential ingredient in the creative process
  • Three ways to change patterns that no longer serve you or the situation
  • How focusing on who is “right” and who is “wrong” keeps you stuck in drama
  • How to tap into the power of body-centered wisdom
  • How to encourage others to join you in more positive relationships


Rekindle For Families

At the center of our lives, our purpose, the “why” beneath and behind all our other “whys” sits the Family. There is no arena where our leadership and attention is more important.

As one of four 5 Chairs 5 Choices Ambassadors in the United States, I am happy to share a system of emotional regulation that works as well at home as it does in the office.

Louise Evans has brilliantly crafted a system – complete with colors, keywords, and animals – that provides an easy-to-remember story for children and adults of all ages to share what they need to communicate about their inner lives

Dynamic changes will occur as you learn: 

  • The impact of your choices on the people and the environment around you
  • How to determine if your behaviors are serving your goals
  • How to manage emotional responses instead of being hijacked by them
  • How to be a leader in all your relationships
  • The benefits of engaging in difficult conversations instead of avoiding them
  • The power of choosing presence over absence
  • How to listen effectively to others and discover what is really being said
  • Understanding what your full potential looks like in every moment


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The Rekindle Program is available as a talk for a group, both virtually and live. And of course we are available for your learning chair event or forum retreat.

We book out 90 days in advance. Please send a message using the form.

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